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   28July20 - Statement: AGM & other meetings postponed++   See "Coronavirus related news" for full details.
   29Jun20 - Statement: Newark Canc'd etc. See summary below and then "Coronavirus related news" for full details.
     2Jun20 - Statement: Relaxation of restrictions. See below and then "Coronavirus related news" for full details.
    14May20 - Statement: opening greens - UPDATE.
See "
Coronavirus related news"
    13May20 - Statement: opening greens.
See "
Coronavirus related news"
    21Feb20 - Calendar: additional meetings etc, Sep20 thru Nov20
    08Feb20 - Safeguarding contact details
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29Jun20 - From National Secretary Dave Woods, with regard to further Government guidelines. Sent to National and County officials
Good Morning All.
I have attached (see coronavirus related news - item 9) the latest developments, for what is planned over the next few months.
I have been speaking with the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, who have advised me that unfortunately, Indoor Bowls Clubs will remain closed for the foreseeable future.
With the indoors closed until at least August and when they do open there will be many restrictions including social distancing, I have spoken to all the Finance committee and we have decided to cancel the finals in September. We are not planning to run any indoor games between 2020 and 2021. as we are unaware of what is happening to indoor venues. With all the restrictions in place at present, we feel that we would not have the time to run all competitions.
We have therefore decided to be fair to everyone, those that have qualified for the 2020 finals will be carried forward to represent their Counties at the finals in April 2021.
We feel with the number of people that will be present the government guidelines would make it impossible to play all the games.



2Jun20 - From National Secretary Dave Woods, with regard to bowling as lockdown is relaxed. Sent to National and County officials
Good Evening All,
The government has now relaxed some of the Lockdown measures for Bowls.
I have attached (see coronavirus related news - item 8) a summary of measures that the government are now allowing clubs to do.
Regarding the numbers you can now play pairs and rinks, but you must have all the social distancing and other measures in place. At the moment unless you have a large area of play, the rinks may cause you a problem, it may be better to concentrate on singles and pairs.




14May20 - From National Secretary Dave Woods, with regard to the re-start of bowling.
Good Afternoon Everyone,

I have had further updates from the government on what we should be doing when opening our greens.

I have put together a further document (see coronavirus related news - item 7) to go along with the one issued yesterday (see coronavirus related news - item 6). I hope this goes a long way to explain what is required from ourselves to make our members safe.

I have had numerous emails and phone calls asking about the opening of greens, as I have been explaining to everyone it is up to your club if you have private facilities or your local council if its a public green when and if to open.


  National Outdoor Championship results (2019)

See "Skegness'19 Champions" for the 24 individual competitions and 6 team events 

See "Skegness'19 EBF" & "Skegness'19 EWBF" for full details


The wearing of shorts by men

It was passed at the 2018 AGM that tailored shorts (with EBF logo) may be worn, white in inter-county association matches and national championships, grey in other games. For the full dress regulations for men click on “Rules (2019)” in the Main Menu to the left and see rule 7.21. Shotbowl are the only EBF approved outlet. Here is the link to the relevant page of their website.