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The 2018 Indoor Finals at Newark are now completed.

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'EWBF Indoor Finals 2018'

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The website has now been updated for the 2018 bowling season.
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Skegness 2017 EWBF and EBF outdoor finals. 

 All competitions have now been completed.
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Newark 2017 EWBF and EBF indoor finals.


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To see pictures of the winners follow the 'Photo Gallery' link and then the 'Newark winners 2017 - Pictures' sub-link that opens up below it.


2018 National President (EWBF)
Jean Phillips (Humberside)


English Women’s Bowling Federation (EWBF)

President’s Address

I feel so honoured to have reached the office of EWBF National President for 2018. Being a relatively ‘new girl’ to a sport I only discovered in 1991 and gaining County representation in 2013.

My thanks go to my County Humberside for their nomination and faith in my ability to carry out the Presidential duties and be a credit to the County.

I look forward to visiting County Matches in the coming season as well as the Indoor and Outdoor finals in Newark and Skegness.

All our thanks must go to the Officials of the Federation for their continued hard work on our behalf and my own grateful thanks go to Joan Mousley and Beryl Beresford for the good humoured advice given to me over the past two years.

Congratulations and good luck to Carole Swann (Deputy National President) and Gill Bush (Junior Deputy), I am sure we will make lots of good memories.

Best wishes to Trevor Harris (EBF National President), Mick Rayson (Deputy National President) and Mike Carr (Junior Deputy) as they take the next step on their own Presidential journeys.

My hope for the future of our Sport is that if every member of every Club could introduce just one new person to Bowls, we would have a very secure future.

Jean Phillips

EWBF National President 2018


National President 2018 (EBF)
Trevor Harris (Derbyshire)


English Men’s Bowling Federation (EBF)

President’s Address

Dear Colleagues and Members of the English Bowling Federation,

It is a great honour to be accepted as your 2018 National President. I would like to thank my county of Derbyshire for my nomination and to all the other counties for your support.

I have met many bowlers and officials in the previous two years on this presidential ladder and I would like to thank them for their warm welcome and support especially from my predecessor Paul Bennett and his wife Trudy.

I look forward to working with my Deputy Mick Rayson of Huntingdonshire and welcome Mike Carr of Lincolnshire as the Junior Deputy President, Jean Phillips the EWBF President, Carol Swan Deputy EWBF president and welcome Gil Bush as the Junior EWBF President and of course all the National Officials and the Executive and Delegate Councils.

I will endeavour to attend as many Inter County and Under 25 matches as I can and I look forward to see many of you at Potter’s, Newark Indoor Finals and at Skegness Finals week.

I also want to thank my wife Diane for all her help and support.

I wish you all good bowling, good health and happiness.

Yours sincerely,

Trevor Harris
EBF National President 2018