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 Outdoor Finals at Skegness 2018

The National Outdoor Finals held at Skegness from August 18th to 25th 2018 have now concluded. 
An overview of  the results of the FINAL MATCH in each competition can be seen by following the 'Skegness 2018 - Champions' link in the Main Menu to the left. 
Details and scores for ALL MATCHES in each competition can be seen by following the two links below in the same Main Menu

Skegness 2018 - EBF draw
Skegness 2018 - EWBF draw


Outdoor Inter-County matches 2018

The outdoor Inter-county matches have now concluded.  Follow the three links below in the Main Menu to the  left to see the final match Results and league Tables respectively

2018 Outdoor Inter County Fixtures - (EBF & EWBF)
2018 Outdoor Inter County Tables - (EBF & EWBF)
Durham Centenary 2018


Newark Indoor Finals 2018

The deailed results for the EBF and EWBF finals and winners/runners up can be accessed via the following Links in the Main Menu to the left

'EBF Indoor Finals 2018'
'EWBF Indoor Finals 2018'
'2018 Indoor Champions'


Skegness EWBF and EBF outdoor finals 2017. 

   All competitions have now been completed. To see a list of all champions (EBF and EWBF) follow the 'Outdoor Competitions (2017)' link in the left panel and then the 'Outdoor Champions 2017' sub link that opens up below it.