Mon 02Mar20 to Fri 06Mar20 - EBF Potters Week


Sun 15Mar20 (am) – National Executive Committee

Sun 15Mar20 (pm) – EBF Delegates Meeting

Sun 15Mar20 (pm) – EWBF Delegates Meeting


Mon 20Apr20 to Sun 26Apr20 - National Indoor Championships in Newark

    Mon 20Apr20      - Harry Carver
    Sat 25Apr20 (pm) - Derbyshire Trophy
    Sun 26Apr20 (pm) - Eversley Trophy


By early-Jul20 – County competitions to determine qualifiers for Skegness and inter-county team group stages (EBF, EWBF and Under-25)

Thur 23Jly20 – Championship Programming Committee


Sat 22Aug20 to Sat 29Aug20 - National Outdoor Championships in Skegness

The following is the anticipated schedule, based on previous years and subject to alteration due to bad weather and/or duplications

  • Sat 22Aug20 (pm) – Silver Vase; Durham Centenary and Under 25 team events

  • Sun 23Aug20 (pm) – Adams; Newton and Donald Steward team events 

  • Sun 23Aug20 (am) and Mon 24Aug20 – Reg Jackson Trophy

  • Tue 25Aug20 to Fri 28Aug19 – Individual competitions early rounds to Semi-finals

  • Fri 28Aug20 – Individual finals (eg triples comps and duplications) 

  • Sat 29Aug20 – Individual finals (cont’d)

  • The Finance Committee will meet during the week




Sun 14Mar21 (am) – National Executive Committee


Sun 14Mar21 (pm) – EBF Delegates Meeting


Sun 14Mar21 (pm) – EWBF Delegates Meeting



Mon 19Apr21 to Sun 25Apr21 - National Indoor Championships in Newark


    Mon 19Apr21      - Harry Carver
    Sat 24Apr21 (pm) - Derbyshire Trophy
    Sun 25Apr21 (pm) - Eversley Trophy

 Sat 21Aug21 to Sat 28Aug21 - National Outdoor Championships in Skegness