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    7Aug22 -  Reg Jackson Tournament. 2 vacancies;   Players now listed,

    3Aug22 - Full draws for Skegness. See below & new options

   27Jly22 -  Roll of honour updated - Indoor '22 

   16Jly22 -  A statement: Outdoor Championships venue after 2022. See below

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 ** Abbreviations used
DS   - Donald Steward
SJV  - Silver Jubilee Vase
Ad    - Adams
Nw   - Newton
DC   - Durham Centenary    
DTS - Derbyshire Trophy South group
DTN - Derbyshire Trophy North group  

Drawsheets for Skegness'22.

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From Dave Woods, EBF Secretary, 16Jly22

Outdoor Championships - after 2022

Meetings between NEC members of the Federation and East Lindsey DC have discussed the state of the Suncastle greens and related matters. More meetings are planned, including one in early August. The poor state of the greens during the "covid era" and reports of regular misuse of the greens have been followed by a lot of work being done on the greens. Participants in the June'22 Over 55 open tournament were generally pleased with their improvement. Efforts have been made to reduce the misuse.
Whilst no firm commitment can be given at this time, it is hopeful that the Championships will remain at Skegness for 2023 and for a number of years to follow. It is hoped that before the 2022 event starts, a more definite statement can be made, with the booking of accommodation for 2023 an important consideration.



Team qualifers for Skegness

  North   South    
Adams Derbyshire V Suffolk Sun 1:30 $
Newton Humberside V Lincolnshire Sun 1:30 $
U25 Derbyshire V Huntingdonshire “A” Sat 1:30 *
Donald Steward Derbyshire V Huntingdonshire Sun 1:30 $
Silver Jubilee Lincolnshire V Norfolk Sat 1:30 *
Durham Cent’y Jarrow (Durham) V Royal Mail Cart (Lincs) Sat 1:30 *

 * - The opening ceremony is 1pm, finals to start asap thereafter

$ - As soon as the 4th session of Reg Jackson has finished (1:20?)
    teams will meet the Presidents, games to start around 2pm.



Safeguarding - additional reference document.

Attached at the bottom of the safegaurding page, it is downloadable 
and outlines safe and fair practice where criminal records are referenced.