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  Date of             Recent updates to the site

  13Jly24 - Ad & Nw. North section play-off today.........
                          Ad winners:  .....  t.b.c.   Northumberland (177-138)
                          Nw winners: .....  t.b.c.   Nottinghamshire )167-158)

  12Jly24 - DS  Lincs 16  Derby 2 (106-94). 
                           Lincs win group, as well as SJV

  11Jly24 - DC South Final (Lincoln MC v Brampton) set for Tues July 16th

  10Jly24 - SJV  Suffolk 14  Norfolk  4  (112-101)
                           Suffolk win group by single point

   8Jly24 - DS Clvld  4 Notts 14  (104-108)   SJV Clvld  14 Notts 4  (113-96)

   7Jly24 -  Nw Norfolk  18  Lincs    4  (176-171)    Norfolk qualify for National final
                  Nw  N'hants   4  Hunts 18  (144-153)

   6Jly24 -  Ad  N Cambs  16  Lincs  6  (170-166)

   5Jly24 -  Save Our Greens. See new option. With minutes of special meeting 30Jly24
                  New option Reg Jackson '24. See "Current & Future Events".

 29Jun24 - Ad & Nw. North section play-off details. See below


       Work in progress:   Updates of Constitution & Rules                                                        (See option "AGM'23 - report")            

             Coming soon:  


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 Abbreviations used 

DS   - Donald Steward
SJV  - Silver Jubilee Vase
Ad    - Adams
Nw   - Newton
RW  -  Reg Wright U25
DC   - Durham Centenary    
DTS - Derbyshire Trophy South group
DTN - Derbyshire Trophy North group                     


In both the Adams & Newton
the play-off to determine the Northern Section winners will be 

Northumberland  v  Notts 

With 3 rinks at home and 3 away
the games will be played on Saturday July 13th
at Hirst Park and Polly CIC

The winner of that game will contest the national final
on Saturday August 17th.


Suncastle greens: maintenance

See new option above "Current & Future events".


 For anyone wanting to support a 'save the greens' petition, there is the option of gathering signatures on a sheet of paper stating what it is for. They need 1000 signatures to raise a meeting with the council. A sample form is attached to this page, it can be used for none East Lindsay residents.

The link below is to the facebook group Save Our Bowling Green Skegness. The main post on the group was on 7Jun24 and begins "PLEASE HELP US SAVE THE NORTH PARADE BOWLING GREENS". A message from 8Jun24 includes "for any enquiries please either message the page or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ".




The 2025 Indoor Nationals will again be held at Lincoln IBC.

Tuesday Apr 22 to Sunday Apr 27
(Individual comps Wed:Sun)
and Eversley Sunday Apr13
Note: Easter Bank Hol Monday is Apr 21st