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To those competing in the Reg Jackson:-

The presentation will take place at the side of

the Suncastle (near "A" green)

on Tuesday at 9am.

The four top placed rinks will be contacted

and asked to attend in match dress 


Sunday afternoon          
Adams Trophy    RESULT
Lincolnshire 147 v  182 Nottinghamshire
Newton Trophy    RESULT Suffolk 165  v  158 Humberside
Donald Steward Trophy   RESULT Suffolk 93  v   99 Humberside


 Outdoor Finals - Skegness 2019

The National Outdoor Finals will be held on the Suncastle greens in Skegness
August 17th to 24th 2019.

Reports & results will appear regularly on the website during the week
For matches in progress - see the top of the home page
For team results - see the "Skegness'19 Champions"
For Individual comps - see "Skegness'19 EBF" & "Skegness'19 EWBF"


Recent updates to the site

  10Aug19 - FULL draws for Skegness week. See new options "Skegness'19..."
(Advance notices are now in the Archive section).

  27Jly19 - Reg Jackson Tournament - new option. (The Skegness 2018 pages have been moved to the archive area, the last menu option.

  21Jly19 - Team Qualifiers - Skegness '19 - see below
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Coming soon: Skegness '19 - updates during Finals Week        

Should you see any errors, however trivial, please report to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you book Skegness accommodation for next yearbe aware that the start date is +5 from this year.

This is because Bank Hol Monday in 2020 is the 31st AND 2020 is a leap year!!

Finals week will be August 22nd to 29th 2020 

          Team group winners.   To play at National outdoor championships
  DonStew / Adams / U25 / DC SilvJub / Newton
Women - North Humberside Humberside
Women – South Suffolk Suffolk
Men - North Nottinghamshire Humberside
Men – South Lincolnshire Suffolk
U25 - North Nottinghamshire xxxxx
U25 - South Norfolk “A” xxxxx
Durham Cent - North Northumberland (New Delaval ) xxxxx
Durham Cent - South Northants (Parkway) xxxxx

The wearing of shorts by men

It was passed at the 2018 AGM that tailored shorts (with EBF logo) may be worn, white in inter-county association matches and national championships, grey in other games. For the full dress regulations for men click on “Rules (2019)” in the Main Menu to the left and see rule 7.21. Shotbowl are the only EBF approved outlet. Here is the link to the relevant page of their website.