Presidents Address    

 2020/21 National President (EWBF)  
Gill Bush (North Essex)


2020/21 National President (EBF) 
        Mike Carr (Linconshire)



I would like to thank my county North Essex for allowing me the honour of becoming the National President.
On your behalf I will thank the officials of the federation for all their hard work especially for the smooth running of Newark and Skegness, from myself for their continued advice.

The federation to me is an extended family and I look forward to renew old friendships and making new friends as I visit the county games this coming year.

With Paula Gooch and Elaine Haddon- Holmes, men’s president Mike Carr and his deputies Trevor Hardingham and Ian Bratton there promises to be an enjoyable year ahead.

Happy Bowling to all

 Gill Bush

EWBF President 2020/21



2020/21 National President (EBF) 

        Mike Carr (Linconshire)

President’s Address 


Dear Friends, 

I am so very proud and honoured to have been nominated by my county Lincolnshire to be your President for the year 2020, and I would like to thank the county management committee and my own club Burton House, Boston for their continued support.

Never did I ever imagine, when I started playing bowls (more years ago than I care to remember) for a very small village club, that one day I would become the National President. But, here I am, and I would like to use my appointment to extol the opportunity of other county officers to become National President when it is your counties turn, because if I can do it, then so can you.

I will try my very hardest to visit every county during my year and I look forward to making new friends and renewing old acquaintances. I will of course do my very best to discharge all my duties and I know that I will have the support of my Deputy President Trevor Hardingham and Junior Deputy President Ian Bratton.

My thanks go to both Trevor Harris and to Mick Rayson who have done their very best to guide me over the last two years, they are very hard acts to follow. And of course my thanks also go all the National Officials who give up so much of their time to ensure the smooth running of the Federation.

I congratulate Gill Bush on her appointment as President of the English Womens Bowling Federation along with her Deputies Paula Gooch and Elaine Haddon Holmes

Finally, to each and every one of you, good luck and above all good health in 2020.


With very best regards

Mike Carr

President, English Bowling Federation 2020/21.