Reg Jackson - Aug 18th/19th 2024 


 Reg Jackson Trophy - Top four, the prize winners  

( Will be shown here on the Monday afternoon of the event )


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 1>  Rules etc.


President: Mr. Trevor Flatt . President: Mrs. Irene Ballam
Chairman: Mr. Mike Carr .


         Sunday 18th August to Monday 19th August

To all Entrants

It gives me great pleasure to send you details relative to your entry in this year’s Reg Jackson Tournament. If your entry is showing A.N.Other or you have any changes to your rink please let me know as soon as possible. Also anyone requiring players to make up a rink please let me know.

It is realised there will be variations, but the combination, first to play, will constitute the Rink. You may make one replacement if need be. Any further replacement must be through the Secretary.

ENTRIES: These are at the maximum 108 - Four games are planned for everybody to conclude the Tournament.

SESSIONS The tournament will start at 9.15am on the Sunday and there will be Eight sessions on that day. On the Monday there will be Four sessions the first of which will be at 9.15am. There will be twelve sessions altogether, SUNDAY and MONDAY but no semi-finals or finals. An explanation setting out the pattern of play is given at the end of this letter. You will need to read this carefully. In the interest of all concerned we ask for your co-operation, not forgetting that the tournament is part of the holiday for many participants.

SCORE CARDS: These will be issued at the first game to cover the whole series of four games. Cards must be sent into the office immediately at the conclusion of each game, and will not be acceptable unless the names of all players are clearly shown. The number allocated to each rink as shown on the Tournament List will be carried throughout the event.

First Session Sunday 09.15 (01-36)             Second Session Sunday 10.15 (37-72)
Third Session Sunday 11.15 (73-108)          All other sessions will be as your cards.

WINNING RINKS: The winning rinks will be the four best overall of the 108 rinks with the greatest aggregate of points in the series arising from - 2 for a win and 1 for a tie. If this fails to produce clear winners, then the best plus margin of shots from those Rinks on the greatest aggregate points will win. Should there still be a tie then the team with the highest number of shots in the series will come into the reckoning - and that should clinch it.

RULES FOR THE TOURNAMENT: E.B.F. Competition Rules will of course apply except for the following variations:

(a) Each game to be of 12 live ends or 55 minutes - whichever comes first - straight off;
Any killed end 2 shots will be given to the opponents. 2 Bowls required
(b) No jack to be cast until given signal;
(c) No jack to be cast after the signal at the end of 55 minutes (an end in progress may be completed);
(d) No player to visit the head during the end;
(e) Skips will examine bowls for stamping. Composition bowls shall have a bias of not less than that of the master bowl and must bear a clearly legible WB/WBB/IBB or BIBC stamp dated 1985 or later. Non composition bowls must bear a clearly legible WB/WBB/IBB or BIBC stamp of a date not earlier than the date of the year in which they are being used; ( See page 55 2023 Yearbook Law III paras 2)

(f) One substitute will, in fact, be permitted to cover illness or other cause considered reasonable, but permission must be sought. A substitute will not have played in any other Rink;
(g) Any rink failing to fulfill its obligation will be barred from the Tournament in the following season. If this takes place after the first session, 2 points and 5 shots will be awarded to the opponents;
(h) DRESS - whites for men, although (no crew necks or T shirts) - standard for ladies - hats optional; (County and Club shirts may be worn).
(i) Entries are not county-tied, but each male bowler must be a member of a club affiliated to a county bowling association affiliated to the EBF and each female bowler must be a member of a club affiliated to a county bowling association affiliated to the EWBF:


Umpires will be in attendance

PRIZES: Winning Rink £345 Runner-up £225 Third £180 and fourth best Rink £150


There are 108 rinks with 36 rinks playing each session

There will not be any play-offs - the Prize-winning Rinks will be the best four overall. The Sessions will be:-

SUNDAY 9.15am – 4.15pm

Thereafter play will Start on the Monday in accordance with instructions shown on Score-Cards.

Play will start again on the Monday at 9.15am with the last session starting at 12.15pm

All rinks will play 4 games each of 12 ends, straight off or 55 minutes whichever comes first.

IMPORTANT Tournament details for Players in each rink are forwarded to the Addressee shown with the entry. PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOUR PARTNERS ARE AWARE OF THE DETAILS

Dave Woods


11, Ludford Close, Long Eaton, Nottiingham. NG10 1PS. Tele: 0115-7836508 Mobile: 07810-196966 email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

June 2023

2>  Teams List. 

1 Bennett/Bennett/Hines N. Cambs 55 Gollands/Gollands/C Griffon N. Cambs
2 Smith/Phillips/Dykes Humberside 56 Croxall/Croxall/Hill Notts
3 Harris/Hewson/Watson Humberside 57 Sharp/Sharp/Sharp Suffolk
4 Crane/Hammond/Warboys Lincs 58 Markham/Markham/Pearl Notts
5 OldroydStamford/Stainton Lincs 59 Blake/Cannell/Wood Norfolk
6 Shannon/May/Stevens Hunts 60 Dalton/Ford/Crowe Notts
7 Barnes/Haddon-Holmes/Sims Derbys 61 Wressell/Dargue/Robinson Lincs
8 Humphreys/Humphreys/Allen N.Cambs 62 Adams/Cribb/Clements Suffolk
9 Whittlesey/Fisher/Bates Hunts 63 Hicks/Hicks/A.N.O ther Lincs
10 Ashley/Ashley/Robinson  Humberside 64 Robinson/Robinson/Cheetham Derbys
11 Wabe/Fox/Fox N.Cambs 65 Menzies/Menzies/Greenough Derbys
12 Stevens/Corney/Sharpe N. Cambs 66 Finch/Finch/Black Suffolk
13 Carlin/Hunter/Boyd  Durham 67 Bannister/Pratt/Stanley Lincs
14 Pearson/Pearson/A.N.Other Derbyshire 68 Sayer/Siely/Bunton Norfolk
15 Reed/Chandler/Tolliday N. Cambs 69 Owen/Owen/A,N, Other Derbys
16 A.N. Other /Capill/Capill Derbys 70 Martin/Mason/Bowers Hunts
17 May/Sawford/Wilson Hunts 71 Etheridge/Shaw/Farrant North Essex
18 Clewley/Bramley/Guildford Derbys 72 Willis/Willis/McCormick N. Cambs
19 Saltmarsh/Saltmarsh/Simpson Suffolk 73 Ward/Smith/Carter Suffolk
20 Suffling/Buckley/Suffling Northants 74 Smith/Smith/Morphew Suffolk
21 Moore/Faircloth/Deal Norfolk 75 Barber/Barber/Himpleman Norfolk
22 Regan/Roe/Teal Lincs 76 Corn/Wilson/May Hunts
23 Brugnoli/Brugnoli/Brugnoli Hunts 77 King/King/Hempsell Northants
24 Mills/Evans/Mills Norfolk 78 Agger/Green/Beck Northants
25 Smith//Smith/E. Land Norfolk 79 Broadley/Watson/Reaetto Notts
26 Barke /Dent/Cooper Derbys 80 Aitken/Hales/Lawton NB’land
27 Hill/Law/Hey Lincs 81 Lesslie/Lesslie/Day North Essex
28 Wigston/Davis/Wigston Lincs  82 Wones/Blake/Gott Norfolk
29 Hardingham/Hardingham/Gibson Norfolk 83 Coles/Coles/Gentle Hunts
30 Dayes/Whittle/Whittle Humberside 84 Galpin/Archer/ARCHER Derbys
31 Tyers/Walker/A.N.Other Lincs 85 Stevens/Stevens/Hyett Suffolk
32 Swannel/Balmer/Balmer Hunts 86 Wallace/ Ford/Ford Northants
33 Tait/Tait/Bywater Derbys 87 Jones/Jones/Jones Notts
34 Croves/Fox/Hopkins Lincs 88 Morris/Morris/Richmond Derbys
35 Richardson/Gosnall/Raine Hunts 89 Haslem/Duguid/Pringle H'Side
36 Osborne/Bass/Deller N. Cambs 90 Skinner/Grimbley/D. Mcbride Lincs
37 Mills/Sims/Euston Suffolk 91 Derbyshire/Cheetham/Barke Nbland
38 Joyce/Carter/Preston N. Cambs 92 Cawthorne/Dyer/Dyer Suffolk
39 Sims/Simpson/Dockerill Derbys 93 Ainsley/Clift/Martin Durham
40 Doyle/Dickens/Roebuck Notts 94 Reeve/Meeks/Meeks Norfolk
41 Jackson/Perkins/Jackson Lincs 95 Cousins/Baker /Townsend Hunts
42 Flynn/Morton/Ramsbottom Norfolk 96 Moeliker/Moeliker/Lawton Durham
43 Reason/Johnson/A.N.Other Hunts 97 Collins/Greenough/Chaplin Derbys
44 Clasper/Clasper/Scott Hunts 98 Andrews/Andrews/Leggett Suffolk
45 Almey/Wells/Hoyles Lincs 99 Upsall/Upsall/Riches Durham
46 Du’Kett/Deighton/E. Wallace Lincs 100 Sparrow/Wright/A.N.Other Norfolk
47 Sales/Jones/Brown N. Essex 101 Paterson/Paterson/A.N. Other Durham
48 Francis/Francis/Fortune Hunts 102 Bowley/Bowley/Bowley Derbyshire
49 Core/Core/McCormick N. Cambs 103 Hickey//Foad/Foad Hunts
50 Dyer/Peck/Peck Suffolk 104 Sutherland Hunts
51 Sidebottom/Allen/Allen Notts 105 Patten/Mash/Pytlakowski Notts
52 Dockerill Brown/Davison Lincs 106 Porter/Porter/Hall Northants
53 Burrage/Whitlock/Burrage Norfolk 107 Higgins/Henderson/Ward Cleveland
54 Godfrey/Brunton/Horsewood Humberside 108 Dayus/.Dayus /Griffin Notts


3>  Next year. 

 The 2025. Mixed Rink TOURNAMENT will take place on Sunday 17th & Monday 18th August 2025.

Entry fees will remain at £15 per Rink for four games.

1st prize will be £345 for winning Rink    2nd prize will be £225 for the runner-up rink
3rd prize will be £180                                4th prize will be £150 for fourth best Rink.

One entry form for the 2025 Tournament will be handed out with the score cards at this years Tournament. It will be up to the players concerned in each rink to come to some arrangement for 2025 and it is up to the recipient of this form to ensure that this is done. All players in the Rink have an equal right to be concerned in the entry for 2025

Receipt of entries will cease at 4.00pm on Friday 23rd August 2024. All entries after will be sent to the National Secretary.

Particular attention is drawn to the following: - Entries are not county-tied but each male bowler must be a member of a club affiliated to a county bowling association affiliated to the EBF. Likewise, each female bowler must be a member of a club affiliated to a county bowling association affiliated to the EWBF.

CERTIFICATION OF ELIGIBILITY OF ENTRIES - special note - THREE NAMES MUST BE GIVEN - only one of which may be changed without reference to the Secretary.