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Suncastle greens: maintenance

East Lindsey D.C. recently declared their intention of ceasing maintenance of the greens after our National week in August 2024. The situation, as at 22Jun24, is as follows.

Several NEC members had a meeting with the Council on Friday 7Jun24 and the NEC was represented at a meeting at the Suncastle on Wednesday 19Jun24, during the Over-55 week.
Further information hopefully will be forthcoming following that meeting. Richard Underwood (Suncastle management) is leading the campaign and volunteers have come forward to help the 'committee'.
Also, meetings of the NEC and National Delegates have been called for 30Jun24 to discuss what is happening.


 For anyone wanting to support a 'save the greens' petition, there is the option of gathering signatures on a sheet of paper stating what it is for and take them to the Over 55s tournament. They need 1000 signatures to raise a meeting with the council. A sample form is attached to this page, it can be used for none East Lindsay residents.

The link below is to the facebook group Save Our Bowling Green Skegness. The main post on the group was on 7Jun24 and begins "PLEASE HELP US SAVE THE NORTH PARADE BOWLING GREENS". A message from 8Jun24 includes "for any enquiries please either message the page or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ".