Your sport needs more qualified markers and umpires, please consider if you are the right person with the correct skill to contribute to this important aspect of the sport.
The qualifications have been changed in the recent years in an effort to speed up the process for candidates. 'Club Marker' is a good qualification for anyone who wishes to restrict their commitment to just club and possibly county final level. 'Umpire/Marker' is an extended qualification for members wishing to officiate at County finals, Inter-County matches and National finals.
In order to raise standards at all levels the E.B.U.F. feels that every club should have a qualified 'Club Marker' so that all players are made aware of good and best practise. 
A detailed information pack is available from the E.B.U.F. National Secretary:-
Keith Fox
14 Grebe Close, Beacon Park Home Village,
Skegness, Lincolnshire. PE25 1TW
Tel: 01754 273678
 Tel: 07308 978294
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

John Fox
64 Fenland Village, Osborne Road,
Tel: 07824 391924
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Many thanks to following, the current umpires :-

(Changes after Nov 1st 2023 in Red)

G Hicks Cleveland

B Aitken (Mrs) Durham
R Scudder Durham

R Barnes (Ms) Humberside
A Clark Humberside
E Dayes(Mrs) Humberside
M Groce (Mrs) Humberside

E Harris (Mrs) Humberside
M Jackson Humberside
G Matchett Humberside

P Hartwell Huntingdonshire
M Rayson Huntingdonshire

K Fox Lincolnshire
G Love Lincolnshire
G Tucker Lincolnshire

L Blake (Mrs) Norfolk
R Booth Norfolk
C Evans Norfolk
P Fergusson Norfolk
R Graham Norfolk
RB Himpleman Norfolk
M Sparrow Norfolk
B Swan Norfolk

L Sharp Northants

S Engledow North Cambridgeshire
J Fox North Cambridgeshire
C Griffin North Cambridgeshire

R White North Essex

P Dickenson (Mrs) Northumberland
A Lennie (Mrs) Northumberland
J Robson (Mrs) Northumberland
K Weites (Mrs) Northumberland

P Anderson (Mrs) Suffolk
P Black (Mrs) Suffolk

C Buck Suffolk

J Chambers Suffolk
A Chapman Suffolk
J Finch Suffolk

T Flatt Suffolk
P Gooch (Ms) Suffolk
G Lampey (Mrs) Suffolk
B Millard Suffolk
J Millard (Mrs) Suffolk
M Nunn Suffolk
K Porter Suffolk
N Reeder Suffolk

B Rushbroock Suffolk
J Spice Suffolk
M Spink (Mrs) Suffolk

R Utteridge Suffolk
S Utteridge (Mrs) Suffolk