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This being my thirteenth Annual report, as we reflect on the past season, sadly we have to remember a few of our friends and colleagues who have passed away during the year.

The Presidents this year have been Elaine Haddon Holmes, Derbyshire and Ian Bratton Humberside and like all their predecessors, Elaine and Ian have served the Federation in their own ways. They have been ably supported by their Deputy Presidents. Trevor Flatt and Irene Ballam. I would like to thank all four for the support they have given me and also for the generous time they give up in working for the Federation.

Last year’s Indoor Championships took place at our new venue at Lincoln and I would like to thank the staff at Lincoln for making us very welcome. The championships were once again a huge success. Potters remains a very popular week in the calendar, and we raise quite a bit of money from this event both for the E.B.F., Counties and Clubs. I can honestly say how enjoyable it is and would say to anybody who has never been, you are missing out on some very good bowling and entertainment.

Once again I would like to thank Lincoln who provided us with some excellent facilities for our indoor Championships in April this year, hopefully we will be there again next April.

The number of duplications seems to be increasing every year, and this caused us a few problems when allocating times, however with the help of the players we were able to complete the games on time.

The main business of the Federation, the Outdoor Competitions. Skegness began with the opening ceremony on the Saturday with the Mayor (Councillor Peter Barlow) in attendance. The team events followed on the Saturday afternoon with some very close matches. On the Sunday morning the Reg. Jackson Tournament began finishing on the Monday resulting with the winners coming from Suffolk. Unfortunately this year’s championships, was marred by people playing in early rounds and then not turning up for their next game, this being very unfair to the players being knocked out. We also had players and rinks who did not turn up notifying us prior to the tournament owing to other commitments again this is unfair to the players who lost in the County finals. Fortunately the weather was kind to us and we managed to complete all the games and finals by Saturday Morning.

It does seem every year the amount of duplications increases, and this causes the finals committee with an impossible task in allocating times for some of the semi-finals and finals. There were so many competitors in 2, 3, and four competitions we even had two in 5. It has now become necessary to play some late session during the week. If the results had not gone our way we could have had to play 4 sessions on the Saturday, but as results went, only 1 session was required. One of these years we are not going to be so lucky and will be playing until late on Saturday afternoon. I would like to thank the majority of the players for the patience and understanding given to Barbara and Brian in the tournament office.

My thanks go to all the National and County officials responsible in making the Championships possible and for the work they put in throughout the year. Barbara and Brian

for all the help they give me in pre-arranging the event and for all the hard work in the Tournament office. I would also like to thank Beryl, Mike, Keith and Ty for helping me during the week. Mick and Paul for arranging the presentations, Elsa for helping out on first aid duties, Stuart for keeping the website updated on an hourly basis, Richard who acted as our photographer and is doing a fine job, and to the Umpires and Markers who generously give up their time to officiate. Also to all the players and spectators who created the brilliant atmosphere throughout the week.

Once again we enjoyed the sponsorship of Jack High, Potters Bowls, and the Suncastle. In addition to his sponsorship of our team events, Fred Winter has also sponsored the under 25 player of the year award since he first attended our championships. No doubt bowlers were pleased to see Potters Bowls with us after a very successful time last year.

Can I thank everyone for the continued support they have given me over the last 13 years, I have made many friends during this time, and it has also been a pleasure working closely with the National Executive team, NDC and all County and Match Officials.

Last but not least may I offer my best wishes to the incoming Presidents Trevor Flatt and Irene Ballam and hope they both have an enjoyable and memorable year.

Dave Woods

EBF Secretary