Eversley Trophy

 Newark Indoor Bowls Club
Sunday October 10th 2021.


Final placings
     Norfolk                  20 pts 
     Nottinghamshire      17 pts


PLAYING TIMES and RINKS as follows.

Game 1 from 10. 00am to 11.00am

Game 2 from 11.10am to 12.10pm

30 Mins Lunch Break 12.10 to 12.40

Game 3 from 12.40pm to 13.40pm

Game 4 from 13.50pm to 14.50pm

Game 5 from 15.00pm to 16.00pm

Followed by the Presentation at 16. 15pm.



Rinks 1&2

Rinks 3&4

Rinks 5&6

Rinks 7&8




A v G

C v D

E v B




A v E

B v D


C v F




C v G



D v F



A, B & E


B v F

G v E

A v C






F v A

B v G

D v E
















North Cambs.




Eversley Tournament

The Eversley trophy matches shall be played between male teams consisting of

two rinks from the following: Any named official whose name appears in the

National Year book, Past and Present Presidents (including Junior & Deputies)

and any Life Member.




E.B.F. Rules with the following exceptions.

All counties will play 4x1 Hour Matches.

The Score Cards will show the Time of each Game, Rink number and the opposing County.

A representative from each County is responsible for entering the names of the 6 players on to the 2 cards issued for each of their games.

Complete your cards with the names of your opposition before your game commences.

The combination of the 2 Rinks of 3, playing the FIRST GAME remains the same throughout the Tournament with the exception that a substitute may be used.

One Substitute for each rink will be allowed.

  1. A bell will sound to start game.

  2. No Trial Ends permitted

  3. Only 1 (one) shot to count on 1st end each game.

  4. No more than 11 (eleven) Ends to be played.

  5. A Signal will be given at the completion of 55 minutes.

  6. No further Jacks to be cast after this Signal.

  7. If end is killed after 55 minute Signal then this end will not be replayed.

  8. Two points shall be awarded to each rink for a win and one point for a draw,

    together with 2 points being awarded to the team for an aggregate shots

    win or one point each in the case of a draw.
    In the event of two or more

    teams finishing on top on equal points, the team with the

    greater margin of shots will be the winner.

  9. No visiting the head.



When returning to the same rinks teams must ensure that they do not play the same triple on the rink previously played.

After each game is completed, please ensure that your result tallies with that of your Opposition, then RETURN the 2 CARDS, duly signed, to the Tournament Office.