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6.   3Oct22    Change to scheduling for 2023. Team finals at Outdoor Nationals

5.  16Jly22    Outdoor Championships - after 2022

4. 16Jan21 - Champ of Champions 2019/21......COVID affected

3. 17Sep20 - Re: entries to outdoor county competitions 2020/21

2. Skegness 2020 - Personal reflections "The bleak coronavirus year"

1a. The wearing of shorts by Ladies      1b. The wearing of shorts by Men

6.   Team finals at Skegness - Change to scheduling for 2023.     From Dave Woods, EBF Secretary, 3Oct22

Every year at Skegness we have more and more duplications and have difficulty in arranging some of the matches. The NEC decided yesterday, for next year we would play all the team games on the first Saturday. This will commence at 11.45 with the Silver Vase Trophy; Durham Centenary Trophy and  the Reg Wright Trophy. Then at 3pm we would play the Adams Trophy; Donald Steward Trophy and the Newton Trophy. 
The Reg Jackson will then be played all day Sunday and Monday Morning, enabling us to start the main championships on the Monday Afternoon.

5. From Dave Woods, EBF Secretary, 16Jly22    Outdoor Championships - after 2022


Meetings between NEC members of the Federation and East Lindsey DC have discussed the state of the Suncastle greens and related matters. More meetings are planned, including one in early August. The poor state of the greens during the "covid era" and reports of regular misuse of the greens have been followed by a lot of work being done on the greens. Participants in the June'22 Over 55 open tournament were generally pleased with their improvement. Efforts have been made to reduce the misuse.
Whilst no firm commitment can be given at this time, it is hopeful that the Championships will remain at Skegness for 2023 and for a number of years to follow. It is hoped that before the 2022 event starts, a more definite statement can be made, with the booking of accommodation for 2023 an important consideration.


4.  16Jan21 - From National Secretaries Dave Woods & Beryl Beresford, to the Counties

We have been receiving a lot of inquiries regarding the Champion of Champs competition for 2021, qualifying for the honour of representing their County at Skegness.
Normally the winner of the 2020 club 2 wood singles competition would go forward to play. This year we have a lot of clubs who have both the 2019 and 2020 club winners asking to play. (It was not realized how many clubs had played in 2020) Originally like in the rules we had said only one person could play. However because of the demand from the Counties, the finance committee has decided for one year only, we will allow 2 people from a club to enter where they have a 2019 and a 2020 winner of their 2 wood club competitions. 
We feel that because the clubs playing both the 2019 and 2020 club competitions, it is only fair that the winners should both have the chance of winning their County Final and qualify for Skegness.
I am sorry if this causes any problems for the Counties, but in these uncertain times, we feel that this is the fairest way out.


3.  17Sep20 - From National Secretary Dave Woods. Re: entries to outdoor county competitions 2020/21

It has been brought to my intention that an article appears on Social Media (Facebook) that no one can enter outdoor competitions for 2021, only the people who entered the Outdoor for 2020 will be able to play. The article on Facebook says this has come from the National body which is completely untrue.
I issued a statement on August 23rd saying the following: 
"Outdoor: I have taken this opportunity to send out the Outdoor entry form to all county secretaries. Please ask your members to enter the competitions as normal and hopefully, we will be able for these to go ahead. The teams who have entered this year's Durham Centenary will go forward to next year, also the team events have just been transferred from 2020 to 2021, all the Counties have agreed".

The article on Facebook says the draw for the 2020 competitions will be carried forward to 2021 with no other members able to enter, this has never been a proposal from National level, I have sent all the forms out to the County Secretaries for 2021 and they clearly ask for entries to the 2021 competitions.
The only entries carried forward are in the Durham Centenary, as they were unable to play this year and clubs will not have a winner for 2020 to go forward. The Adams and Newton team events have also been transferred on block. 



2.  Skegness 2020 - Personal reflections

suncastle greens aug20 Photograph courtesy of Emma Euston, Suffolk

At the time of writing we would normally be watching the last ends of various singles and pairs finals with the rinks champions identified yesterday afternoon. The presentation arena will be being prepared. Oh well, not this year.
Does it give perverse satisfaction that the weather this week has been bad? Rain, rain and more rain has now developed into 'north wind doth blow', with the promise of more rain. How frustrating would it have been if we had the type of weather that we usually enjoy.
We must look forward to 2021, for indoor as well as outdoor. Surely things will be "normal" by then..... let's hope so.
It is with great sadness that we witness the passing of David Bryant CBE. Originating from Cider Country he will not have had the opportunity to play the Federation game but it cannot be denied that for many years he was to bowls what Ali was to boxing, in terms of honours achieved. In 1978, as a young man recently introduced to the faith that bowls at Skegness was the way to utilise one's annual holiday entitlement, I watched my future Mother-in-Law (Gill Restall) win the 4 wood singles title. This was in the days of a Friday Evening presentation at the Grosvenor. David Bryant was in attendance and was good enough to join us at our table for a chat - most definitely a gentleman. I wonder if we can find the photo which appears to show Gill pointing her finger in the direction of DB's nose? My other memory of him is watching him on TV (Sportsnight, with David Coleman perhaps). If he stood up on the mat, a significant portion of the audience would whisper "He's going to fire". DB would have to step back from the mat because of the total volume of the "whisper".
So, we look forward to 2021 - onward and upwards!

Stuart Croxall

EBF Website Coordinator


1a.   The wearing of shorts by Ladies

AGM decisions mean that  the Rules & Constitution now include reference to Shorts wearing. Here is the communication that was circulated at the time decisions were made.
This is the text that, in June 2021, Beryl Beresford wrote to the County Secretaries:- 
The NDC Sub Committee have looked into the shorts available for the EWBF Ladies and they have chosen the following which were allowed in the rules for the dress code.
White Ladies Tailored Bowls shorts.      From Aceit Sports Wear. 
  Style Code LTS001.     no logo.   sizes 6 to 26.   Cost approx £32.00p.
They are the Tailored shorts as worn by the EBA (not the casual elastic waistband style). Also available in Grey.
John Bell of Aceit Sports Wear is creating a client area on their web site for the Federation Ladies.
Players are to order their shorts directly to Aceit.
To view on the web and order:
1.   Go to
2.    Choose aceit stock bowls range.
3.    Pictures of shorts shown - select aceit Ladies Tailored Shorts.
Beryl Beresford
EWBF Hon. Sec.


1b.   The wearing of shorts by Men

AGM decisions mean that  the Rules & Constitution now include reference to Shorts wearing. Here is the communication that was circulated at the time decisions were made.

 It was passed at the 2018 AGM that tailored shorts (with EBF logo) may be worn, white in inter-county association matches and national championships, grey in other games. For the full dress regulations for men click on “Rules (2019)” in the Main Menu to the left and see rule 7.21. Shotbowl are the only EBF approved outlet. Here is the link to the relevant page of their website.