Presidents Addresses    

 2022 EWBF National President
Paula Gooch (Suffolk)


2022 EBF National President
        Trevor Hardingham (Norfolk)



 President EWBF 2022 Paula Gooch

EWBF - Paula Gooch 

It is an honour to become National President for 2022. I thank my County Suffolk for allowing me to be nominated for this position, also thank you to my club Halesworth Angel for their offer of support while I carry out my duties.

To all the National officers a huge thank you from myself on behalf of everyone for the continued hard work you do so we can enjoy the sport we love.

I look forward to seeing you at Newark, Skegness and the County games.

With my deputies Elaine Haddon-Homes and Irene Ballam also President Trevor Hardingham and his deputy Ian Bratton it looks like we will have a good year and most of all an enjoyable one.

I wish you all good luck for your bowling and look forward to meeting old friends and to making new ones.

Finally thank you to my family for your continued support.

Paula Gooch

EWBF President 2022




 President EBF 2022Trevor Hardingh am

EBF - Trevor Hardingham 

Dear Friends, Bowlers and members of the Federation Family.

It is a great honour to be elected as your National President. My thanks to Norfolk for their support and also my local club Smallburgh and Dilham.

I am sure we have a good team with Vice President Ian Bratton.

I am confident that the ladies Presidential team with Paula Gooch at the helm supported by Elaine Haddon-Holmes and Irene Ballam will all work well together.

My thanks to Gill Bush and Mike Carr for their hard work over the last two difficult years.

Thanks to Ray White for being our Chairman over the last 8 years and hope he enjoys his retirement. Thanks also go to the National and County Officers for all their hard work. Where would we be without them? It is now getting very difficult to get people to take up positions.

Bowls is a great sport which has friendship and competitions, may this continue for many years to come.

I will endeavour to see as many games as possible.

May I wish you all a happy year of bowling.

Trevor Hardingham

President, English Bowling Federation 2022.