Outdoor Champions 2021

Outdoor National Winners / Runners-up 2021


 VICTOR LUDORUM (Most Men winners/finalists) - 

 VICTRIX LUDORUM (Most Lady winners/finalists

   Under 25 Player of the Year -  
 Heather Stothard (Northumberland)

** - Trophy retained

Team Competitions 

Adams Trophy Lincolnshire 149  v  177 Huntingdonshire
Newton Trophy Lincolnshire 181  v  143 Suffolk
Donald Steward Trophy NO COMPETTION (Covid)        
Silver Jubilee Vase  NO COMPETTION (Covid)        
Reg Wright Under 25's NO COMPETTION (Covid)        
Durham Centenary Thurlton  (Suffolk) 66  v  99  Jarrow Borough  (Durham)


Individual Competitions

2 bowl singles Northumberland
R. Humes 
21  v  15 Norfolk W. Burrage
4 bowl singles Norfolk
W. Burrage
21  v  12 Northumberland
P. Freeman 
Ch. of ch. singles Huntingdonshire
E. Baker

18  v  21  Nottinghamshire-
D Adams
U25 singles Cleveland 
B. Henderson
w/o  v    Suffolk
. Filby
Veteran singles Cleveland
W. Glenn
21  v  20  Huntingdonshire
A. Corn 
Secretaries singles Norfolk
D. Wood

21  v   9  Huntingdonshire
K. Martin 
Pairs North Cambridgeshire
C. Waling
J. Gowler

13  v  18 Nottinghamshire
R. Chamberlain/
R. Pearce
Veteran pairs North Essex
J. Kennedy
R. Waterhouse

17  v  13  North Cambridgeshire
D. Burgess
A. Overton
2 bowl rinks Northumberland
R. Humes
L. Weddell
A. Barke
16  v  28 Cleveland
C. Higgins
B. Henderson
B. Maddison
3 bowl rinks Northumberland
P. Freeman

J. Howe
A. Seymour
18  v  12 North Essex
S. Lesslie
T. Lesslie
M. Taberer
2 bowl singles Humberside   J. Duguid  21  v   9 North Cambridgeshire
S. Chandler
4 bowl singles Cleveland   I. Gillespie  21 
v   14 Northumberland 
P. Dickinson
Ch. of ch. singles Nottinghamshire
W. Richardson
21  v   10 Huntingdonshire
N. Hastings
U25 singles Derbyshire    E. Collins  21  v  13 Lincolnshire   D. Wild
Veteran singles Durham    E. Hales
16  v  21  Suffolk   G Lamprey
Secretaries singles Huntingdonshire
S. Parnell
20  v   21 Cleveland
T Parnell **

A. Patten
J. Eames

v  5
C. Stuart
M. Whittle
Veteran pairs Northamptonshire
S. Suffling
C. Ford
19 v  10 Northumberland
D. Gray
K. Weites
2 bowl rinks Cleveland 
B. Ward 
L. Simpson 
T. Parnell
  21  v  23 Derbyshire  
J Watson
S Walker 

J Tyers 
3 bowl rinks Lincolnshire
L. Holmes
L. Mountain
P. Strong

  21   v    7 Norfolk
G. Reeve
M. Himpleman
Mixed pairs Northamptonshire
J. Needham
M. Dolby
14  v  19 Derbyshire
R. Robinson
E. Haddon-Holmes
Veteran mixed pairs Suffolk
L. Nunn
M. Nunn

18  v  13 North Essex
R. Searle
G. Searle 
Open U25 pairs Northamptonshire
L. Harris
S. Harris

20  v    8  Suffolk
 R. Hard
 J. Sims
Mixed rinks Cleveland
A. Kidd
B. Ward
L. Simpson
18   v   20 Durham
J. McKenna
A. Upsall
I. Riches