Skegness National Winners 2018

Team Competitions 

Competition   County   County Score
Adams Trophy final   Suffolk v Cleveland 164- 88
Newton Trophy final   Suffolk v Nottinghamshire 162-159
Reg Wright   Under 25's final   Huntingdonshire v Nottinghamshire 61-   60
Durham   Centenary final   Huntingdonshire v Durham 101- 84
Donald   Steward Trophy final   Lincolnshire v Suffolk 126-102
Silver Jubilee Vase final   Nottinghamshire v Suffolk 119-107

Individual Competitions

Mens   Competitions    County   County   Score
Two bowl   singles    Northampton  v
 Lincolnshire  1-0
Four bowl   singles    Lincolnshire  v  Northumberland  22-18
Under 25's singles    Lincolnshire  v
Veterans   singles    Suffolk  v
 Northamptonshire  21-19
Secretaries singles    Suffolk  v  Northumberland  21-12
C of C  singles    Derbyshire  v
 Northumberland  21-18
2 bowl pairs    North Essex
 v  Huntingdonshire  15-14
Senior pairs    Durham  v  Cleveland  15-10
Mixed Pairs    Huntingdonshire  v  Norfolk  9-24
Senior 2 Wood mixed pairs    Durham  v  Cleveland  19-11
Open Under 25 pairs    Suffolk  v  Derbyshire  18-10
2 bowl rinks    Huntingdonshire  v  Northamptonshire  11-22
3 bowl rinks    North Cambridgeshire
 v  Northumberland  12-22
2 bowl mixed rinks    Humberside  v  Nottinghamshire  7-22
Ladies   Competitions          
2 bowl singles    Durham  v  Suffolk  16-21
4 bowl singles    North Cambridgeshire
 v  Norfolk  21-15
U25's singles    Derbyshire  v  Northamptonshire  8-21
Senior singles    Humberside  v  Norfolk  20-21
Secretaries singles    Suffolk  v  Cleveland  21-18
C Of C singles    Norfolk  v  Derbyshire  10-21
2 Bowl pairs    North Essex
 v  Northumberland  7-24
Senior pairs    Huntingdonshire  v  Northumberland  18-21
2 bowl rinks    Durham  v  Derbyshire  15-18
3 bowl rinks    North Cambridgeshire
 v  Lincolnshire  5-26